Field's Grassfed Beef

Family ranch in Prairie City, Oregon since 1974

Locker Beef


We are pleased to offer you our great beef through our locker beef program. Whole, half, and quarter animals and our popular Family Pack are available year round. Feel free to contact us to place your order or ask any questions that you may have. This program fills up fast, so it is on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for choosing Field's Grassfed Beef!







Buying for your family? Going in on some beef with friends? Explore the quantities below to see what will work best for you!


Once you sign up for the program, a butcher date will be set at one of the below butchers of your choosing. The carcass will be hung for 10-12 days after slaughter to dry age and tenderize the meat. We will remind you to contact the butcher to let them know how you want the carcass cut.


The butchers have a wide variety of options and are very good at explaining them to you! You will be in charge of paying the butcher fees.


We will then discuss delivery options if you don't wish to pick up the meat at the butcher. Normally, you picking the meat up at the butcher is the quickest way to get the beef you are anxious to get!


Payment is expected by delivery/pickup with checks written to Field's Grassfed Beef, LLC. It will be the client's responsibility to pay the processing fees to the butcher.