Frequently Asked Questions


How many pounds of beef are in a Quarter, Half, or Whole Beef?

Every animal is a little different, but on average you will take home approximately 100 pounds of beef from a quarter beef, 200 pounds from a half beef, and 400 pounds from a whole beef. 

What do you mean by hanging weight?

Our price per pound is determined using a beef's Hanging Weight, also known as the carcass weight. Once the butcher has removed the inedible parts of a beef, the price per pound is calculated at $3.39/pound.

What kind of cost per pound are we talking about?

At approximately $1,262 per half an animal, that means you are paying $6.30/pound for the finished product. What a great deal considering tenderloin runs around $16.00/pound! 

How much room will I need in my freezer?

About 30 pounds of meat will take up a cubic foot of freezer space.

What sort of cuts will I get?

Quarter Beef: Please visit the Quarter Beef page to see our predesigned Quarter Beef package.


Half and Whole Beef: You get to decide how your beef is cut and packaged. Don't let this overwhelm you, we use excellent butchers who would love to walk you through the process!