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Whole Beef

Every animal is a little different, but on average you will get approximately 400 pounds of beef cut and wrapped for $4,000.

This is our Classic Whole Beef Cut Out, but please talk with Jeremy about any specific requests or changes.

We encourage buying in bulk, so right now when you buy a Whole Beef, you will get $100 worth of your choice of Pepperoni, Trailbusters, or Jerky for FREE.

120 lbs Ground Beef (1 pound packages)

60 lbs Stew Meat (1 pound packages)

36 lbs Chuck Roast (3 pound roast)

24 lbs Top Round Roast or London Broil (3 pound roast)

24 lbs Short Ribs (1.5 pound packages)

12 lbs Tri Tip Roast (3 pound roast)

12 lbs Ribeye Steaks or Rib Steaks (1" steaks)

12 lbs New York Steaks or T-Bone Steaks (1" steaks)

20 lbs Skirt Steaks (1/2" steaks)

8 lbs Tenderloin Steaks (2" steaks)

20 lbs Carne Asada (1/4" steaks)

24 lbs Briskit (3 pound roast)

28 lbs Soup Bones (Marrow bones with meat)

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