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We consider our grassfed beef the most energy efficient, socially acceptable, healthy, quality beef produced. Our beef is a tender, tasty quality product, which is fed only grass and grass hay along with salt and mineral. Our beef is certified Grassfed with Food Alliance. The health benefits of our product exceed that of other beef. It is high in protein and has less fat (lipids) than skinless chicken breast.
What is Food Alliance Certification?
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Our beef is produced by crossing Hereford cows with the unique Piedmontese bulls. Our cattle are all raised on pasture in a stress free environment with no confinement . Low stress and carefully monitoring feeding habits with rotational grazing is a key to a quality carcass. Piedmontese are naturally more tender with low fat content and higher in Omega 3 fatty acid. The combination of the Piedmontese cross and being grassfed produces a very healthy and palatable beef product.
How is it Produced?
What are Piedmontese?
Piedmontese cattle are native to the alpine area of northern Italy. They are genetically more tender with less fat than other breeds of cattle. These characteristics come from the unique Myostatin gene. Full blood Piedmontese carry two copies of this gene. Offspring produced from one full blood parent always carry at least one copy of the gene which is mandatory for our high quality grassfed beef.
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No Antibiotics / No Hormones
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Why Eat Grassfed Beef?
Grassfed beef is becoming more socially acceptable for several reasons. Consumers like to know where their food comes from and what it has in it. We keep it simple and just give our livestock grass, grass hay, salt, and mineral. Also grassfed beef offers you a much healthier and tastier diet as you will learn throughout this website. Grassfed beef is much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Environmentally, grassfed beef is more sustainable because it requires much less energy (crude oil) than the grainfed counterparts. Finally, the animal is raised in its natural and stress free setting. These are just some examples why one should eat grassfed beef.
One of Field's Grassfed Beef Piedmontese Bulls

You have health concerns but still like your beef? Field's Grassfed Beef is the answer! Our beef is high in protein, low in fats, calories and cholesterol, and a balanced Omega 3 -Omega 6 ratio!

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